Fantastic Metropolis: Potentially one of the best online magazines?

I'll chime in on reviewing soon, regarding the excellent commentary here and in Emerald City.

But I would like to note that Night Shade Books and Prime have the some of the best book matter--inside and out. I'm presently reviewing the Fantastic Metropolis book for SF Site and wondering what people think makes a good online magazine.

Personally, I have not found a better resource for online non-fiction (essays, editorials, interviews) concerning genre matters than Fantastic Metropolis. This alone, for me, nominates it as one of the best. It keeps track of its favorite authors' novels-in-progress and reprints obscurely published but important works of genre fiction.

What disappoints, in addition to its presently offline status, is a lack of new material--complete works of fiction or essays. I wonder if it's falling off of people's radars.

I'd love to hear what others think constitutes an important magazine (on- or offline).

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