ho boy!

Jonathan has this exactly right:

I resent the idea that we might be telling a reader who can follow Joyce through the streets of Dublin that the pages of Dhalgren are too hard, or that they are unlikely to appreciate the subtleties of Perdido Street Station.

I've said before, and will likely say a thousand times more, that the so-called 'protocols' for reading speculative fiction are from an ancient time, and need to be discarded. The general populace has caught up with even the oldest, most jaded hard SF reader in the world. (No, I'm NOT talking about Dave Truesdale!) To think otherwise, while watching the Sci-Fi channel in-between playing on the PS2 or surfing the net, is absolute flat-out incontrovertible snobbery, and it's snobbery that grows like mold on THIS side of the fence. To the fanboys out there: get over yourselves, you geekish pricks.

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