it's raining frauds...

Received this in email a bit ago:

Dear Author or Publisher,

BookAnnouncements.com has just launched a new site that will help
Authors and Publishers connect with Booksellers and Librarians. We offer a
variety of promotional opportunities both in print and online.

You can now afford to market your book in several of the major Book
Publications, including ForeWord Magazine and BookPage.

Please check out our new site at www.BookAnnouncements.com or BookAnnouncements.com

We wish you much success in the book industry and look forward to
helping you reach your sales and marketing goals.



Please. If you are a writer or publisher, do not fall for scams like this. While I cannot condemn anyone in particular (for all I know, BookAnnouncements.com think they're doing a wonderful thing), I must warn you that any kind of marketing scheme of this sort will only cost you money, and you will not see any return on your investment. They're bunk, bullshit, worthless, idiotic.

Read a few books on marketing basics and go from there. Don't let these predators suck you in. You want to market yourself, get a blog or something. But don't try this.

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