Cautiously in Jonathan's Camp

I'd like to second that emotion from Jonathan. Someone should do a definitive Jack Cady collection. The only qualifier I'd put on that would be that it ought to be someone who loved Jack more than they love his fiction. By that I mean, of course, Jeremy and Jason at Night Shade, or Ellen Datlow. Or! Hey, how about a collaborative compilation between Night Shade and Ellen! Any way it's done, I'd only buy it if it were done out of love and respect for the man. Paying homage to the author seems more like reaping profit from the dead, to me.
And now, for my pick of the week. It's not new, it's not science fiction -- anymore -- but it's flat out brilliant. It's The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and it's the perfect gift for those of you who have friends that think they're smart. Da Vinci's the epitome of the Renaissance ideal and every time I flip through this book I'm humbled at the level of pure cognition, thoughts and ruminations that far surpass anything I've imagined, both in scope and depth. This from a man dead some four and a half centuries before I was born.
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