Pick of the Week #1: The Sons of Noah

Our illustrious organiser, gabe, suggested a while back that each week we s1ngularitites (nicer than loners, don't you think?) should nominate a pick of the week, something cool, neat or otherwise wondrous that had grabbed and held the attention of our omnivorous eyes. A good idea. I thought about it and thought about it, and got on with life. Until now, that is, when I proffer the first in a presumably ongoing series.

Jack Cady's 1992 short story collection The Sons of Noah and Other Stories is one of a small number of books that can genuinely be said to have rocked my world. I remember every detail of each of the seven stories in the book, but it was the dark, powerful title story that grabbed and held me. It was, to be honest, a fairly unimpressive looking book, but if you can find it, you need to read it.

And one note: though it's probably inappropriate to say so, so soon after Cady's sad death the other week, I hope someone does a collected stories some day soon.
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