give me particulars

But why, in particular, is fantastic fiction in all its varied forms, important? Why should we encourage other people to read it? Why should we care, when we have a strong core of readers that barely changes over the years?

I'm looking for specifics. Actionable, quantifiable specifics that can be utilized instead of resorting to people shrugging and saying "because it's cool" or something.

This is important. To me, at least.

For example, I think a lot of the techy sorta-SF works that have been put out by Cory Doctorow, William Gibson, etc. are important because they help us deal with 'future shock' (for lack of a better term). Like the cyberpunks, these writers give us an 'inroad' for understanding and adapting to rapid change in technology.

I'd be more coherent if my head wasn't pounding so badly....

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