James Van Pelt talks plot

On March 1, the Online Writing Workshop is sponsoring an online discussion group on plot, led by James Van Pelt. The drawback is the steep workshop fee ($49/year & $30/6 mo.). If you don't try to do anything too fancy and you're looking for a workshop and you've got money to burn, this may be the place.

Van Pelt is a good man for the job. I've yet to read a story of his that was not well-structured. Take a gander for yourself:

"The Last of the O-Forms" (up for this year's Nebula, third on Asimov's Reader Poll)

"The Wreath"

"A Flock of Birds" (in Dozois' Year's Best, 26th on the Locus Poll)

"The Miracle at Ramah"


"Parallel Highways"

If you ever visit the Speculation's Rumor Mill, look for his posts. Always worthwhile.

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