[method three]

Here's a meme for you.

I call it Operation:Get 'Em On The Shelves.

Here's what to do.

On March 1st (or any time during that week), go into your favorite chain bookseller. Take a look at the SFF shelves. Is anything missing? Are there any particular books that you love, which you'd like to see on the shelves?

Order 'em. Three copies, actually.

Personally, I'll be heading to Borders, where I'll be ordering three copies of Graham Joyce's awesome The Facts of Life, which I never saw on the shelves.

See, if you order multiple copies of a book and never pick them up, odds are they'll be added into inventory... which means they'll go on the shelves until the next 'pull'. The pulls take place monthly, so if you do it at the beginning of the month, odds are they'll remain for at least the month of March, and maybe April.

When you order, ask for an email confirmation. Once you receive that confirmation, forward it to guerrillaSFF@yahoo.com, and I'll report the number of respondents.

Will it work? Will it accomplish anything besides headaches for bookstore employees? I don't know.

But it's worth a try.

So go forth and spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your lovers, tell your family. After all, no one is going to happen upon a new book that isn't on the shelves....

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