Mike Resnick’s “Travels with My Cats” in Asimov’s, February 2004

When Resnick says that this story is one of his three best, he must mean by its ability to emote. And emote it does: a story of the kindling of one man’s passion.

Ethan has never really loved before but for a copy of a limited edition, self-published travelogue called “Travels with My Cats” written by a single woman who has long since died. Suddenly, she begins to appear for a few hours each night on his porch with her cats until something changes the course of his history. The title plays double duty here, which is always nice.

Resnick has tapped into a rarer territory for him in this fantasy. It may not match the ambition of his Kirinyaga stories, but what it lacks in imaginative ambition it makes up for in emotional ambition.

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