while the gabe's away...

Three hellacious days of moving things, switching sofas from one home to another and sending my sofa to yet another home... needless to say, it's been a draining, exhausting, muscle-aching experience. However. The good news is, Heather and the girls now have *everything* at our new apartment (and never mind that it's been four months, eh?), and there's no more ties to the old house.

The bad news is, while trying to yank a half-drained waterbed mattress out for disposal, we managed to tilt the entire bedframe until it broke, landing squarely on my poor, thin, pasty ankle. I now have a bruise and scrape covering my entire left ankle, and a limp that makes me look like Igor.

The good news is, having the sore ankle has allowed me to utilize a leftover Darvocet, coupled with a couple glasses of [yellow tail] merlot.

What does that have to do with s1ngularity::criticism?

Not much, beyond explaining why I haven't posted in a few days. And the outgrowth of the moving and all means that as I 'rest up' the ankle, I'm finally delving into Peter Straub's most excellent novel lost boy lost girl, which I will have some choice words about....

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