2004 Eisner Award Nominees Announced

You can read the breakdown here.

Some surprises, several not. Busiek's win on Conan seems more a popularity contest than a nod to good storytelling. Maybe it's Cary Nord's art, lush colors over pencils, no inks. Maybe I'm just not impressed with nostalgic reboots of pulp writers. Glad to see Powell get some recognition (four nomination, in fact) on a title that came out of nowhere and seemed to head nowhere in terms of sales initially (resurrected through the miracle of the collection). The trade paperback of the first four issues is hilarious.

Surprised to see El Cazador on the list after reading El Cazador: Blackjack Tom and not responding to *anything* about it, otherwise thumbs up for Chester Brown's Louis Riel, Ware's Quimby the Mouse, The Comics Journal (outside of SFS, I've yet to find a serious genre journal that can match it for quality after scouring hundreds), Paul Hornschemeier for Forlorn Funnies #3-5 (collected in Mother, Come Home), John Cassaday (hooray, man, his Planetary stuff is godly), Kyle Baker, Tony Millionaire, Craig Thompson for the amazing Blankets, Alan Moore and Warren Ellis for best writer, Osamu Tezuka for the Buddha repubs, Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis (looks like a sequel on the way), and Joe Sacco for The Fixer.

Dave Sim really freaks me out. I mean, that whole prayer thing in Cerebus #300? What's that all about? Any Dave Sim fans out there?

Why the hell am I posting something after several weeks away? Because I screwed up and left two huge piles of research in Omaha for the weekend. So I've actually got time to dawdle here for a change.

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