Daniel Braum--the next... Baker/Card/Shepard/Zelazny?

Outside of his current publications, Daniel Braum's work calls to mind several authors. My first comparison would be the sheer thrill of Roger Zelazny's imagination with Lucius Shepard's penchant for the exotic.

His first publication at Fortean Bureau, "The Yeti's Hand," calls to mind yet another writer: Kage Baker. The story is part of a much larger schema, linked in part to his original comics series, which he is developing and expanding upon now in prose.

Some familiarity will be helpful as Braum unveils answers to questions, like who or what the mysteriously named J. Sun is and how the Yetis fit into the grand puzzle. We'll have to stay tuned to discover.

A minor flaw is that a few of the internal monologues could be excised, but otherwise it's another fine ride from Daniel Braum, whose stories fans will be scouring the magazines with the same verve as a Kage Baker or Orson Scott Card story.

Keep a sharp lookout for this wild man's creations. You'll be hearing more from him soon. Full Unit Hookup, for one, has a story of his forthcoming.

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