Vandermeer News

Matthew Cheney has written this up faster than I can type the title (his boundless enthusiasm for V.'s new collection, Secret Life, will single-handedly turn it into critical success). However, here are a few other links.

You probably already knew that Veniss Underground was named a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for first novel.

And as Cheney mentioned, here's V.'s new website, albeit still under construction. V. adds this tantalizer for untold adventures, "I should note that hummingbirds can serve as portals to some pretty cool places." And the Ambergris site is home not just to The City of Saints and Madmen but also, V. says, to several new books that will be added to the Ambergris milieu and to "extras like the first online presence of the decryption of the encrypted story from City of Saints."

Vandermeer describes the long road to publication of The City of Saints and Madmen.

Here's a review of "The Exchange" chapbook, which is presently out of print but soon to return.

While you're there--perhaps I should be embarassed to admit this--check out The Agony Column website, which was news to me. Very cool.

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