Other Real-life SFism, Surrealism, and other weird-isms

Potential new AIDS breakthrough?

Making Assholes Legal: I think Nancy Kress wrote a story that went sort of like this except with a person's genes ("Patent Infringement", Asimov's, May 2002, I believe it was). I can't believe someone is big enough of an ass to actually try this in real life.

Wow! Way cool evolutionary explanation of why we hiccup.

Milwaukee man chastized for his mannequin companion. Does she have a friend?

U.S. asks Norwegians to be on the lookout for a missing submarine. I didn't know this (cool!): "The [U.S.S.] Swift usually has highly trained dolphins aboard to help search for mines."

Greece wonders why the world gets worked up over a little good-natured fire-bombing after a hard day's work.

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