Universes collapse, Wheaton-spotting, Jay Lake sits pretty for Hugo/Campbell nominations, theme parks created, monsters endangered, oh my

Sweden discovers legendary monster on their endangered species list.

Scientists, via Kathryn Cramer, announce the doom of stories about certain multiple universes.

Creationist builds a theme park.

Wil Wheaton has a website and a blog. Whoda thunk it? He answers such nagging questions as why did fans hate his Star Trek character, Wesley Crusher, and isn't he gay. (He mentioned an old band, Underworld, who surfaced in the late eighties as a fashionable new band, if perhaps a little too trendy to develop a cult following. They later resubmerged until their stunning electropop tune on the Trainspotting soundtrack, "Born Slippy".)

Fairwood Press releases Jay Lake's first chapbook, Green Green the Rushes, which first appeared here at Strange Horizons.

Steven Utley has no real web presence, so I'm working on an essay to accompany a set of writer-type critical observations on his work, with attention to rare and uncollected B-sides, to appear here shortly (sorry, you'll have to deal with the ads and/or get a pop-up stopper). The remarks outside of the essay will have too many spoilers that will ruin it for those who have not read the works for themselves, so they're not reviews. (I did this with Lucius Shepard a half-dozen years ago but cannot find them, which is fine. Shepard gets plenty of critical attention.)

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