Gwyneth Jones Gets Last Laugh (or the First of Many to Come)?

David Soyka reviewed the first of Jones' new pentateuch, Bold as Love, saying "no sane person wants anyone who can actually mouth without gagging the insipid lyrics to a piece of pop crap like 'We Are the World' running a government," leavening this, however, with examples to the contrary, i.e. Sonny Bono as a senator. This stirred up a minor controversy with the author, which Soyka felt guilty enough about to interview her recently.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the Labor Party has just received a bid from the rocker of Midnight Oil.


By the way #1, Soyka gets bonus nice-guy points for interviewing her as does Jones for consenting (I already knew she was buena gente from Clarion West). I love how people in the genre can disagree yet still get along.


By the way #2, my computer is down so no major commentaries from me until it's fixed.

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