For Cat Lovers

Bastard that I am, I neglected to mention the premiere of The Orange Cat Club at Wiscon.

The best work of Catherine Dybiec Holm is akin to winsome cats--with claws. I'm not sure which I prefer but "Crossroads" is online for perusal at Strange Horizons (the other, "Transcendence," from the always interesting print zine, Electric Velocipede, which I reviewed here but is out of print, but Holm has another rumored forthcoming from issue eight). Her work always has a lot of heart which, when tamed, is something that the genre and literary in general could use more of.

Holm's new chapbook, The Orange Cat Club, is all winsome appeal but no claws--the photos of cats in alluring poses may bewitch many a feline lover, however, as the orange furballs of the world unite to save the world from its stupidities, using their dastardliest devices (my favorite lines):

"We'll assault them," [an orange cat named Milo] said,
"Everywhere that they turn
they'll see orange cats, demanding....

use every cute trick....

"We'll roll on our backs,
speak volumes for tuna,
stretch out with our paws
and sit on their feet."

"We'll rub them with heads,
make them reach down and scratch us."

You can order a copy by emailing Holm.

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