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The following are, at the moment, the most interesting commentary about Stefaniak.

Review/Interviews from Local Art Newspapers:

On Milwaukee

The Reader

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Reviews for The Turk and My Mother:

Kathy Schmidt, a reviewer at a Wisconsin library rates it a 4 (out of 5, presumably--I only excerpted this one because the others were all easy to find the reference to Stefaniak while this page took some combing):

This book was like reading someone's family history only extremely more interesting and funny! There are many characters from different generations and each has their own story about their greatest love. The interesting part is that their beloved is not necessarily who they are married to. Action takes place in the "Old Country", in Russia, and in Milwaukee.
Curled up with a Good Book

NY Times

Powells (brief takes)

Brent Spencer for the Midwest Book Review

Travel to Eastern Europe

Washington Post

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Reviews for her collection, Self Storage:


Iowa Source

Storage Reviews

Travel to Eastern Europe

University of Indianapolis's Dr. Bruce Gentry

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Discussion Questions for "Believing Marina" by Mary Helen Stefaniak

Banta Award for her collection, Self Storage (this Wisconsin book award is for a work that won the Minnesota Voices award)

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