Clarion West Successes: Margo, Sanders & Woodworth

I learned from Jonathan Strahan's blog that award-winning Clarion West classmate, Margo Lanagan, will soon have her new collection published, Black Juice, her first published in the U.S. Moreover, the lead story is already slated to appear in the Datlow's Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Huzzah! Thorough background info on Lanagan can be found in the SF Site review and interview I did last year for her collection White Time.

Another award-winning Clarion West classmate, Stephen Woodworth, just had his first novel published, Though Violet Eyes. I only read and critiqued the first half, but it's a swashbuckler that only fails to utilize western genre (horror, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction are all represented), but it does take place in part in the West and who knows? Maybe John Wayne struts into the second half.

Finally, classmate and academic Joe Sutliff Sanders' story "Beholden" which appeared in Say... Why Aren't We Crying? has found a strange resonance with real life.

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