Other News Items

Geoff Ryman's Air just arrived from Amazon.com. It was expected last year, if memory serves, but delayed from publication. It is an expansion of his F&SF story, "Have Not Have," which was subsequently reprinted in Dozois' Year's Best SF.

Matt Peckham weighed in on Sky Captain with "wonderful schmaltzy fun, nothing less, nothing more."

Gabe has apparently finished a novel but has closed s1ngularity.net as a market. More info here and new blog here.

Brutarian Quarterly closed as a professional paying market. Too bad. It looked like the old Pulphouse. This was announced on the RumorMill.org, but it is no longer user friendly to navigate.

Army tops ESPN.com's Bottom 10: "After dropping last week's Pillow Fight with Houston, the two-time defending Bottom 10 champs have lost 17 straight." But you may have to be a college football fan to appreciate.

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