Buckell on Novels, Clarion Auction

Tobias Buckell weighed in on how he develops his novels.

Clarion East is having an auction to help keep it going which will start bidding on midnight January 28, with some fancy rarities and signed editions. Some odd bits include Cory Doctorow's signed, spiral-bound, 10-copy homemade galley of the forthcoming Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town; Neil Gaiman’s Preferred Limited Edition of American Gods with 12,000 new words ($200), lettered editions of A Screenplay and American Gods ($750); Geoffrey Landis' Mars Exploration Rover Official Project Memorabilia and Centennial Flight Commemorative Flag; three hours of Bruce McCallister's time for critiquing/coaching ($150); Jeff VanderMeer's limited Finnish edition (in Finnish) of The Exchange ($60) and a fragment of a new manuscript The Zamilon File; and Kate Wilhelm's 300-copy hardbound Nebula- and Locus-nominated novella, Naming the Flowers.

(Note: The Gary Myers novel/collection on auction is valued at fifty dollars according to my Arkham House Guide.)

Unconfirmed rumor has it there's another Clarion down the pipeline. Shall it be dubbed Clarion North to cover the compass? or Greenwich Mean Time?