It's a little early to tell if Strangerhood will turn out worthwhile, but if it shapes up as well as the older series, Red vs. Blue (not political) you may want to check it out.

The first plays off characters in Sims 2 to poke fun at reality programs. The latter uses Halo to create a surprisingly entertaining picaresque tale of what life is like for these video game characters--entertaining even if you haven't played the game, as I haven't. If you've played Halo, I imagine it's hilarious to see the figures playing out an action-packed melodrama. The characters are all unusually distinct for "amateurs," so some might even want to purchase the series. A few jokes, the plot and characters--while there and not exactly repetitive--do wear thin after awhile, so mileage may vary. It's like a sitcom/soap of your favorite video game.

BMW also had a series of advertisements webisodes where Clive Owen stars as a professional driver who ferries passengers from harm's way. The subplots never "connect one film to the next and reveal insights into the main character of The Hire" and aren't worth watching unless, as web rumors have it, there was a car to be won if you followed the clues. Even so, you've arrived too late to win. The main 'sodes, directed by famous Hollywood directors such as John Woo, are entertaining. But they don't connect and, therefore, begin to ring a little hollow by the end of the series. Great concept though. Wonder if it sold any cars.

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