Hitchhiking across the Universe

Here's the best trailer for the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a clever parody of trailers. And it displays more of what was lacking in the movie: wit by the minute. It had much of the wit though at times it got watered down by, say, a romance that ought to have tried for more wit than romance to keep it within Adams territory.

I basically if indirectly critique the DVD and original books at SFSite. This movie's panning so far by non-fans has been the same faults of the original which the movie actually improves upon. It's a tall order organizing the mish-mash that Adams' left and reconstructing a regular plot out of it, and the current filmmakers made some new beautiful connections though they tried too hard or not hard enough with the romance.

But because it attempts to plot Adams' wit by wit, it should be worth a writer's time to study. Fans will probably complain of not sticking to the letter of the story but how can they complain if Adams didn't really pay attention to plot either?

Empire Movies has lot of trailers to download--albeit slowly. Alec Worley at SF Site probably represents the SF fan consensus.

It'd be great if someone could do for Robert Sheckley what various media venues have done for Adams. After all, Sheckley at his best can hit the same tenor with a significant emotional core.