Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go"

I'll send a review to SF Site later this week, but here's the low-down:

If you're an SF writer, buy it and learn. If you're an Ishiguro fan, you already know you have to buy it. If you're just a regular literary or genre reader, you'll probably want to skip it. If you haven't read his early novels, don't just buy them and read. Read them, ponder, and read again. It may take three reads to get your bearings. Whatever your opinion, it can be argued against--which is more because of the many branches of character than of the confusing or conflicting kind of ambiguity. What I love best about his work is the sheer complexity that even most literary of artists shun.

I read someone complaining of reviews giving away spoilers, but I don't know how one can review the work without the main plot "spoiler." Niall Harrison gives a regular review and many perspectives--one of his best and more comprehensive looks at a work (I have slightly different take, however). Mathew Cheney mainly quotes.