Margo Lanagan, Lit Haven

Lit Haven has been posting up a storm. It's gotten more insightful with this spate of new posts, including reviews of small press, market posts, and brief insights on the field such as putting together a small press zine, which isn't to supercede the advice of someone who has actually put together a small press zine, (however, I do wonder if Gavin actually began investing $10,000 for his initial issues).

Margo Lanagan has a brand new blog! Also, I see that my favorite story from her first collection, White Time, "The Boy Who Didn't Yearn," is reprinted in the The Best Australian Science Fiction Writing: A Fifty Year Collection, which I found at Borders but could not find in Amazon.com. If you don't have her first collection, definitely check this one out. It's one of those worth rereading.