See "War of the Worlds" Again

"It's not much to think about, but it's certainly something to see."--A. O. SCOTT, N.Y. Times Review

I didn't find a single reviewer who saw it as I did. Yes, yes, 9/11, yadda yadda, but keep watching, keep listening, carefully. You guys missed a great deal.

I guess I was spending too much time in the symbolic level. Yeah, some of family scenes were a little over the top, but some real powerful stuff, too, once you understand the symbolic level.

I don't know if I agree, assuming I follow correctly--it is for that reason that I won't discuss it here since it and my interpretation are likely to be controversial, but maybe we need to table these ideas (clearly some have already proposed a version, but this is... different). I'm still not sure if Spielberg's is the best solution. Who the hell knows? What a mess.