Interesting Posts elsewhere

Nalo Hopkinson writes of Michel Faber's comment in a review of Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days: "...perhaps the fiction Cunningham is attempting here is pitched at a reader who doesn't exist: an adolescent who can leap straight from Star Wars to Henry James, or an adult steeped in Woolf and Whitman who nevertheless retains a childlike capacity to be moved by X-Men 2."

In fact, Cunningham himself is one such a reader.

Niall Harrison goes into what it takes to evoke infinity. Great specifics and commentary. I didn't feel the same immensity that Harrison must have, but it probably helps to have read it within context. Bravo to Niall.

(Cheryl Morgan refers to it briefly in context of criticism versus reviews. This is criticism because it discusses a shared aspect, focuses on a technique, etc. But reviews should also be specific, for how else are we to believe the critic if the statements are simply blanket comments? A reader would have to read the same novels and then decide whether the reviewer has something worth listening to, which defeats the purpose of a review.)